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This is a Bulletin board of “ask anything about our restaurant” you could ask thing like:
“Tell me the recipe!”
“Please cook this & that!”
“Please bring back the old menu!”
We’ll do our best to respond.
Anyway, please let us hear your voice.
If you want to reserve, please click the “OPEN TABLE” right now!
ATTENTION (Cancellation Policy)
[On the day:8000JPY per person / The day before and the day before the reservation date:5000JPY per person]
Title: お知らせ。
Mon 08th Feb 2021 [15:09]
Name: kaikaya bts
いつも開花屋by the seaをご利用頂きまして、誠に有難うございます。東京都の時短要請に従い、2月8日より3月7日まで下記の通り営業時間を短縮し、限定メニューにて営業致します。
開花屋by the sea

Dear customers
We’re sorry but at the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, from Feb. 8th to Mar. 7th, we’ll change our business hours from 11am to 8pm (with a limited menu).
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you very much as always.
KAIKAYA by the sea

Title: ありがとうございました。
Wed 30th Dec 2020 [22:22]
Name: kaikaya bts
皆様お疲れ様でした! 2020年は世界中の人達にとって大変な試練の年となりましたが、平穏な暮らし・健康な生活がどれ程尊いかと言う事を再認識させてくれる年でもありました。ウイルスの犠牲になられた沢山の方々のご冥福を心から祈って、新しい2021の年を迎えられた事に感謝したいと思います。2021年は、また世界中の人達が新しいルールの元に自由に世界を旅して回れる年になって欲しいと強く強く願います。桜の咲く頃には世界中から来日される沢山の方々を安全にお迎えできるようになると祈りながら、、、
開花屋 丹下輝之

Thank you very much as always!
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who visited our place during 2020.
The year 2020 was really challenging for everyone around the world, and reminded us of how precious a normal and healthy life was. I would like to pray for many souls of the victims of coronavirus, and hope that you will have a happy 2021. I strongly hope that people around the world can travel anywhere freely while following new rules in 2021. I look forward to welcoming many people who come from around the world to Japan in a safe situation when cherry blossoms bloom...

PS: We will be closed from December 31st to January 4th due to the New Year holidays. Open from 5pm on January 5th.

KAIKAYA by the sea
T. Tange & Whole crew

Title: お知らせ。
Thu 07th May 2020 [22:32]
Name: kaikaya bts

Right now the world is in big trouble due to the coronavirus, so We hope that we can return to normal life, even if it's only a day sooner.

Title: Thank you as always!
Fri 05th Apr 2019 [01:51]
Name: Kaikaya Ryusuke
Dear Carmenさん
Thank you for coming to our restaurant again & again!!!!
So sorry,I was an able to be your waiter on time...
But We are very happy because we received a great comment from you.
I will serve ur dinner when you come visit again at the next dinner!
I’m grad to see you soon!
Carmenさん いつもご来店ありがとうございます!次日本に来られる時もまたご連絡お待ちしてます!
Salamat Po!!
 Magkita tayo uli.

Title: Ms
Thu 04th Apr 2019 [07:59]
Name: Carmen
It was my 3rd time eating in this restaurant! I was here last March 29 with my boyfriend.
As always, very delicious food! It was my boyfriend’s first time here and he really enjoyed his dinner.
I will come back again on May. Maybe Mr. Ryuusuke can be our waiter again? He was our waiter the first 2 times I was here. Unfortunately last time he was not available. Hehehe. I look forward to coming back again when I visit Japan in May!

Title: Miss
Sun 31st Mar 2019 [23:45]
Name: Muller Sarah
Dear Kaikaya,
I have made a reservation by Open Table for the 8th of April for my family of 5 people. There has been a mistake.
When I confirmed the booking it came up as two people on the 1st of April even if I didn't select that date and number of persons. I cannot change it on the website.
Please notice we will be 5 people and come on the 8th of April at 7P.M.
Can you confirm good reception of this message please?

Thank you,
Sarah Muller